Netflix's Titletown High: Everything about Grayson Leavy and His Relationship with Zoey Watson

Netflix's Titletown High: Everything about Grayson Leavy and His Relationship with Zoey Watson

Netflix’s new docuseries, Titletown High, has brought in a huge audience with the daily lives of the athletic students of Valdosta High School. The series follows the high school football team from the town that is nicknamed “TitleTown,” for its sports legacy, and the dramas surrounding them.

Among the athletic teens, Grayson Leavy, a sophomore and the team’s tight end, stands out for his involvement in a love triangle in Season 1. 

The show did not give final closure to his relationship with Zoey Watson. So, are they still together? What is Grayson doing after the show? Let’s explore these questions through this article.

Where is Grayson Leavy Now?

Grayson Leavy, age 16, was born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia. He was always surrounded by football and soon dreamed of becoming a Wildcat one day. 

However, as time passed, Grayson began to realize that his parents couldn’t afford to send him to college by themselves, so he worked hard to get a good scholarship. 

In the first season of Titletown High, there comes a point where Grayson comes in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, over thanksgiving break. 

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This incident led him to miss two vital playoff games despite performing well in the first one.

It was less than two weeks after that when Grayson tested negative for COVID-19 and wasted no time to return to practice. Catching up on his missed out practice, Grayson was all ready for the semi-finals and was able to play in the game. However, the Wildcats did not advance to the state championships. 

Grayson will be playing in the majority of games this year alongside other Wildcats. Besides football, the teenager also enjoys soccer, wrestling, and swimming, according to his Instagram posts.

Grayson Leavy and Zoey Watson: Are They Still Together?

Alongside the show’s plot around the football team, Titletown High provided some exposure to Grayson’s romantic life, which shows a love triangle with Zoey Watson and Lenley Gross. 

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Grayson and Zoey met when they were only kids and had started a young relationship at some point. However, due to the stresses of high school, the two found it better to split and remain friends.

After that, Grayson started “talking to” Lenley Gross and eventually made things official with her. But, there were rumors growing that Grayson and Zoey were still a thing; besides, Zoey never denied that she still loved Grayson. 

Things took a turn when Grayson kissed Zoey and admitted that he was not ready to commit to Lenley. When he was faced with the decision to choose one between the two girls, Grayson picked Zoey, finally ending things with Lenley.

When Grayson was isolating after exposure to COVID-19, Zoey chose to quarantine with him. This soon led to the two rekindling their young love as they both shared their confessions of “I love you”s.

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Currently, it is not clear if Grayson and Zoey have continued their romantic relationship. According to the pictures on their Instagram, they do spend time together alongside friends. The latest picture was on August 19, 2021, when the two attended a concert together.


While they have not given official status to their relationship in the public, the show might eventually address their romance. 

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