Bling Empire Star Kane Lim’s Shoe Collection Worth More Than US$365,000

Bling Empire Star Kane Lim’s Shoe Collection Worth More Than US$365,000

People are swept up in Crazy Rich Asians fever whose super fab lives can rival the movies’ characters. 

Kane Lim, one of the casts of Bling Empire, enjoys an exclusive lifestyle. Kane’s best line is, "Just go shopping. That's the best therapy."

He very much follows his own advice, and his flashy Instagram is evidence. Despite being a son of a Singaporean billionaire lot more is going on in his life. Let’s learn everything about Kane and his life outside the Bling Empire.

Kane Lim’s Designer Shoe Collection

According to Women's Wear Daily, Kane Lim has a collection of LED-lit walls of shoes valued at $300,000. His 178K followers on his Instagram, essentially appreciate his luxurious fashion.


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He posts enviable designer goods ranging from dazzling Cartier bracelets to the latest Gucci collab on his account. 


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Kane told VoyageLA,

"I have to credit the iconic Rihanna who followed me one day, and because of her I vividly remember how my phone died from the amounts of notifications I had." "I have used my social media presence mainly to connect with individuals who enjoy fashion, but more importantly I have used this platform to raise awareness for charities that I support."

His Life Outside Bling Empire

Kane is delving into real estate development, and according to his Instagram bio, he is Investor and Philanthropist. 

On 15th September 2020, he posted one of his residential properties with a modest list price of almost $2.7 million. 


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At the age of 30, he has accomplished so much, and in another few decades, there's no telling where he will be. 

Despite being born in an extremely wealthy family, his parents kept him humble. His dad never pampered him and made him ride public transportation to school. When Kane was 17, his father gave him a small loan he invested in fashion and stocks. Within a month, he repaid his father and became earned million by the age of 20. 

He lives in Beverly Hills, and his net worth is estimated to be $20 million. 

Interesting Facts On Kane Lim

  • Kane Lim was born on 5th December 1990 to his billionaire parents in Singapore. 
  • He has a brother named Kesley. 
  • Kane stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). He was also accused of getting plastic surgery; however, he has not addressed any allegation made in that regard. 
  • He moved to Los Angeles from Singapore about nine years ago to attend school, per VoyageLA. 
  • Kane Lim and Florent wanted to live as a dating partner, but it did not happen, and the reason behind what happened between them is yet to be known. 
  • Kane, who is gay, is single as of 2021.
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