Here’s Why Todd and Julie Chrisley are Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms: A Divorce??

Here’s Why Todd and Julie Chrisley are Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms: A Divorce??

Chrisley Knows Best has been facing quite a lot of drama when it comes to romance. The Chrisley family has seen Savannah and Kyle going back and forth, Lindsie announcing her divorce, and Chase breaking up with his girlfriend. 

Amidst everything, a recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best has stirred some speculations amongst the viewers as they lead themselves to question the Chrisley parents’ relationship. 

People Say Todd and Julie Chrisley Might be Considering Divorce...Really?

Todd and Julie Chrisley have been through decades together. They got married on May 25, 1996, and have been supporting each other through all the hurdles coming their way these 25 years. But, are those years of togetherness coming to a stop now? 

Everything about the divorce rumors starts from the Season 9 Episode 2 of Chrisley Knows Best.

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The episode revealed that the husband-wife duo was sleeping in separate bedrooms. Viewers were quite surprised and started speculating about the situation that led to the couple coming to such a decision.

And interestingly enough, Todd and Julie’s son, Chase was also not an exception. 

“They were sleeping in separate bedrooms,” Chase Chrisley told In Touch Weekly. “I was like, ‘What the heck is going on? … Is something going to happen?’”

He was shocked and panicked a bit after discovering the events. However, soon, he would come to find out that his parents had made the decision as a solution to a specific problem. 

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“Then, it turns out, my mom just snores really, really, really bad,” Chase revealed. “My dad is like, ‘No, dude.’”

Yeah...that was what it was, people. 

Did you know that Todd and Julie Chrisley Have A Podcast Together?

While Todd and Julie are more known for Chrisley Knows Best, they also share glimpses of their lives through their podcast.

The couple has co-hosted their podcast, Chrisley Confessions, since 2018. Every episode is around an hour long and released every Wednesday.

On the podcast, Todd and Julie do not hesitate to talk about any topics. In each episode, the couple plays voicemails from the audience and they share advice, opinions, and suggestions on several topics like politics, religion, and parenting.

The podcast has done quite well from the beginning. In January 2021, it was announced that Chrisley Confessions had gathered a huge group of audience, and would be picked up by the podcast network, “PodcastOne.”

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“Julie and I are looking forward to being part of the long tradition of outspoken and irreverent hosts in the PodcastOne family,” Todd expressed his excitement to the news through Talkers. “And anyone who knows me knows that family means more to me than anything.”

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