Facts On TikTok Star Thomas Petrou | His Age, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Engaged, Drama

Facts On TikTok Star Thomas Petrou | His Age, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Engaged, Drama

Thomas Petrou is a well-known American internet star, entrepreneur, TikToker, and YouTuber with a net worth of $1 million. 

He is well recognized for being the founder of The Hype House, a renowned social media community.

Thomas Petrou’s Early Life & Childhood 

Thomas Petrou, who was born on September 2, 1998, will be 23 years old in 2022. He was born and reared in a well-established Christian household in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an American citizen who follows the Christian faith.

The names of his father and mother are not stated on this page. Moreover, the information about his sibling isn't available.

Thomas attended a Local High School in California, where he received his early education.

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Following that, he enrolled in a nearby private university in Los Angeles, California, but eventually dropped out to pursue his online job full-time. He has always desired to be a famous internet celebrity and earn a lot of money in the social media industry since he was a child.

His Career & Net Worth

In the year 2015, Thomas Petrou began his career as a YouTuber and TikToker. In 2019, he joined the social media group Team 10 after gaining massive popularity on his accounts in a short period of time. He was only dismissed from the organization after three months for undisclosed reasons.

Following that, he co-founded The Hype House with a number of other social media celebrities, including Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Daisy Keech, and Chase Hudson.

Thomas Petrou, co-founder of the Hype House, a villa in Los Angeles, California, helped bring Netflix's new American reality show, Hype House, to life. This platform is where Thomas Petrou earns the majority of his money.

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His earnings, on the other hand, aren't limited to YouTube; as a social media influencer, he also makes a lot of money on Instagram.

While his entire career has been around social networking platforms, Thomas Petrou decided to start his own firm, Smack'd Coffee, which is directly related to coffee and other beverages, in order to make a change.

Aside from all of this, he's made money from Netflix, first through his role on the reality show Hype House, and then by renting his property for the shoot.

Petrou's net worth has been estimated to be around $2 million, based on his rental assets, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and coffee firm.

Thomas & Mia Hayward Are Engaged?

On Valentine's Day, Thomas appeared to propose to his girlfriend, fellow Hype House member Mia Hayward. The TikTok celebrity shared a series of images with his girlfriend, including one with a stunning engagement ring.

Facts On TikTok Star Thomas Petrou | His Age, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Engaged, Drama
Thomas Petrou shared picture of his girlfriend Mia Hayward with a ring. Thomas/Instagram

The ring has a pavé band and a plain round diamond. Jay Kay Jewelers, where Thomas got the jewels, showed it off in greater detail on Instagram.

Facts On TikTok Star Thomas Petrou | His Age, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Engaged, Drama
Jay kay Jewelers shared a picture of a ring and tagged Thomas and Mia. 

However, the couple has yet to confirm officially. 

Thomas Controversy 

In the year 2020, Thomas Petrou was embroiled in a dispute when Daisy Keech, a former member of The Hype House, alleged that only Petrou and Hudson made critical choices for the organization and that everyone else was left out.

After a few months, he was embroiled in yet another issue when Bryce Hall alleged that Petrou was stealing money from other members of The Hype House, but Hall then backtracked and the two were seen together in multiple YouTube videos.

Moreover, in 2022, Thomas and Tabitha Swatosh, a fellow Hype House member got into a fight with an adult couple. 

Thomas Petrou got into a confrontation with them after the adult threw rocks at his car. 

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The Hype House founder took a selfie in front of a police cruiser on Sunday, May 15, 2022, and shared it on Instagram.

He wrote in the caption saying,

“Got in a fight tonight because some 40-year-old insecure man can’t accept young people being successful. #hypehouse I won, don’t worry.”

The TikTok Insiders Instagram account shared a screenshot of his post. Petrou and Tabitha Swatosh, a fellow Hype House member, confirmed what transpired that night in the comments section.

A mature couple threw rocks at Petrou's car and then dragged Swatosh to the ground, according to Petrou. They tried to press him after that. He choked the man out in an attempt to fight back.

Swatosh expanded on this as she wrote,

“We were enjoying dinner with my PARENTS. A woman threw stuff at Thomas’s car. Then the drunk woman and her boyfriend started threatening Mia and I.”

The woman then pushed Swatosh to the ground, where her boyfriend leaped on top of her and choked her.

Swatosh added,

And Thomas drugs him off (his story to tell) protecting me. The police handled the rest. ALL because they ‘hated us hype house kids’ lol kids.”

Petrou went on to modify and completely change his initial caption after making his post. He first wrote in the new caption,

“Edit: now that I’m not as frustrated. A grown couple threw rocks at my car and then dragged Tabitha to the ground.”
“And I choked the guy off of them and separated the fight. Jealous drunk people are the worst,” he added.

Swatosh also left a remark on his post, saying,

“EDIT: Thomas also protected Mia & I bc a woman ATTACKED us & drug me to the ground :)) #hype thanks for saving us fr.”

 Petrou’s girlfriend Mia Hayward also commented saying,

“As well as a lady twice my size decided to try to fight me because she was drunk and Tabitha came to tell the girl not to touch me so she grabbed her instead.”

Facts On TikTok Star Thomas Petrou | His Age, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Engaged, Drama

Several concerned TikTok followers had also posted in the comments area. One person wrote,

“Wtf is wrong with people?? I hope you guys are alright! Especially Tabitha.”

Another fan commented saying,

“Glad you guys stood your ground! Terrible to see jealousy in the world when we should all either: A. mind our business or B. support &/or be happy for one another. Glad you all are okay!!” 

In addition, one user wrote,

“Those types of people are just jealous ;( you’re awesome Thomas don’t let that guy ruin your day.”

Everything appears to be fine at the moment, and as Swatosh indicated, the cops handled the situation.

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