“You Suck At Cooking” Will make You Chuckle Rather Than Make You Hungry | Youtuber Real Face Reveal

“You Suck At Cooking” Will make You Chuckle Rather Than Make You Hungry | Youtuber Real Face Reveal

A certain sort of culinary video became prevalent many years ago when people still used Facebook.

The ingredients changed, but the recipes remained the same: One camera from above. Two unidentified hands. A spotless hardwood surface. Several tiny plates with colorful components. Add a faultless chef, forgettable instrumental music, and a fast-forward button to the equation.

After two minutes, you've persuaded yourself to attempt that souffle.

The YouTube channel You Suck at Cooking is the polar opposite of these slickly constructed recipe factories. Everything on screen is intentionally rough, from the dim lighting to the unsightly plates. We have a single, unsteady iPhone filming an unabashedly dirty kitchen counter instead of high-definition optics and studio lighting.

Most significantly, instead of perky, unnecessary music that is quickly silenced, we have a humorous, frequently irritated voice. This faceless, nameless narrator would rather sing his own strange songs, such as the 90-second ode to bean dip, which includes lines like,

“Bean dip, it’s not mean dip / Unless I punch you in the face with it then I’d call it mean dip / Throw it on the floor, you can’t call it clean dip / Put some bleach in it, you got a pristine dip.”

The identity of the mystery narrator is a hot issue in the comments section, with eagle-eyed fans combing films for any clues.

“You Suck At Cooking” Face Reveal?

People will not be as hungry after seeing You Suck At Culinary's YouTube cooking films, but they will undoubtedly cry from laughter. But who is the man behind all of the hilarity and bad cooking?

The only information about the creator of You Suck At Cooking is that he is a man who works for Randi Siegel Entertainment.

In addition, the designer has tattoos on his hands, one of which includes the inscription "I love YSAC" on his right hand. On the same hand, he has another spatula tattoo.

“You Suck At Cooking” Will make You Chuckle Rather Than Make You Hungry | Youtuber Real Face Reveal 

The dude is a complete enigma except for these known facts. Besides, he has never shown his face in any of the hundreds of films he has posted.

One commenter asked,

“Does anyone else try looking into the reflections of his appliances to see his face.”

Despite the fact that the YouTuber has not revealed his identity, many of his fans on his subreddit say he should just keep doing what he does best: giving odd humor while teaching cooking.

In response to a question on his subreddit about when he will expose his face, another fan replied that the creator of You Suck At Cooking must be enjoying his solitude and is content with things as they are.

'You Suck at Cooking' Guy's Cookery In An Unconventional Style 

If you came to the 'You Suck at Cooking' channel — perhaps looking for seven ways to cut an onion and instead saw this, you'd come back for the jokes. This kind of satire is uncommon in culinary videos, but it wouldn't be out of place on Cartoon Network's late-night Adult Swim programming, and it reminds me of equally scathing sitcoms like BoJack Horseman.

The narration moves at a breakneck rate, peppered with funny asides and digressive riffs. The narrative behind a tip about using a tin can as a temporary vegetable strainer is one of my favorites.

The narrator deadpans saying,

“It’s a little trick to drain a can of anything.”

“I learned from my friend Chris before he had a baby and ruined our friendship.”

Many of the dishes, such as "Break-Up Pasta," are set-ups for complex gags. As the narrator mutters, the video begins with sad piano music and rain falling against a window.

“break-up pasta is a way to end a relationship when you’re a giant coward like me.”

By parodying trendy culinary videos, the channel has amassed a 1.6 million-strong following. It's a strategy that's worked in the past, whether it's the Colbert Report's satirical representation of a conservative news program winning Emmy after Emmy, or The Eric Andre Show's absurdist take on late-night talk shows stretching the format's bounds to their extreme limits. 

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The channel, like similar shows, leans towards mistakes rather than cutting them out. As a result, those situations, such as bread burning in an egg sandwich video, become punchlines. A mistake, to use a tech cliche, is a feature, not a bug.

You Suck At Cooking’s Net Worth Revealed

Many people may believe his culinary videos are silly and dull to watch, but You Suck At Cooking's content is the ideal solution for the high-gloss food social media scene for individuals who understand humor.

With all of his fame, You Suck At Cooking must be making a good living from his YouTube channel, which is contributing to his net worth.

He also generates money from his website merch, the sales of his cookbook, and other brand promotions.

The mysterious cook, like his identity, has not revealed any information about his financial status.

His estimated monthly profits, according to his YouTube channel analytics on socialblade.com, are between $854 and $13.7K, and his estimated yearly earnings are between $10.2K and $163.9K.

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