There is only one TWICE song, according to Nayeon, with harder choreography than "Pop!"

There is only one TWICE song, according to Nayeon, with harder choreography than "Pop!"

She claimed that the song's level of difficulty could never be surpassed.

Recently, TWICE's YouTube page gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the group's "Talk That Talk" dance rehearsal. The girls worked diligently to master the choreography and exactly time their movements.

Additionally, they had to make sure there would be no mishaps when singing the song live.

The group members rapidly grew weary because they weren't used to the fast pace. Still, they persevered despite the discomfort like genuine experts.

When they finally took a break, everyone collapsed onto the floor, worn out.

But this is easier than previous songs, Nayeon remarked while taking a nap, shocking the others. She said, "This is easier than Pop!" in reference to her solo comeback, which was released in June 2022.

Sana enquired as to whether she thought "Pop!" was more challenging to dance to than TWICE's "MORE & MORE" single from June 2020. Nayeon concurred right away that TWICE's "MORE & MORE" routine was undoubtedly the most difficult to do.

Nayeon said that "Pop!" would fall just behind "MORE & MORE" in terms of choreographies' difficulty rankings.

Perhaps without the assistance of her members, she found it more difficult to learn the choreography for "Pop!"

There is a notable dance break in "MORE & MORE."

TWICE doesn't seem intimidated by the prospect of pushing themselves to perform more difficult dances, and it's intriguing to consider what they might try next.

The complete behind-the-scenes video of TWICE's dance rehearsal for "Talk That Talk" is available below.

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