Who is Liane V? Learn everything you need to know about her

Who is Liane V? Learn everything you need to know about her

Liane V is a social media sensation, singer, model, actor, and dancer from the United States. She has a self-titled YouTube account where she releases her songs and videos. With this, we have provided all of Liane V's fans with all of the information they want to know about her.

Liane V: Everything You Need To Know

Liane Valenzuela was born on August 22, 1986, in San Jose, California, and reared in Modesto, California with her parents, Wally and Prima Valenzuela before moving to Los Angeles. Where she started her career by submitting videos on YouTube. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

She was a competitive gymnast, cheerleader, and basketball player in high school. Her main passion was music, and she was quickly signed by the production business Brand X after advertising herself online through social media.

Who is Liane V? Learn everything you need to know about her

Liane stands tall at the height of 5ft 7inches. She was passionate about music and fashion from the very beginning. Her attire and demeanor are always trendy and sophisticated. At the same time, she is a fitness fanatic and was a high school athlete.

She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures and cuisines. She has also competed in several beauty pageants. She has hosted several well-known shows, including "The Voice," "X-factor," and "American Idol," and has a strong and intelligent demeanor on television.

Kingston is the name of Liana V's Poddle dog. Liane and V appear to have a strong relationship, and Kingston is frequently featured on Liane's YouTube channel.

Liane V's Professional Path

Who is Liane V? Learn everything you need to know about her

Liana moved to Los Angeles after spending her childhood in Modesto to pursue her dream of modeling and acting. As a Youtube rendition, she began her career in person-to-person contact. She worked as an online form and disrupted porn videos on Youtube from the beginning of her career, which made her the most popular and she was initially marked with the assembling corporation Brand X.

After that, she linked up with a slew of Vine celebrities to become a Vine content creator. She began making recordings on fashion and style after a while, and she became increasingly well-known on the internet. In 2014, she released the wellness film Exercise with Liana V, which showcased her enormous success in a short amount of time. Liane also has a clothing brand of her own.

Liane V's Relationship Status

Who is Liane V? Learn everything you need to know about her

King Bach, an actor, and Vine celebrity had dated Liana V. Similarly, she began dating Don Benjamin in 2015. In August, the couple got engaged.

In addition, the duo has a YouTube channel called "Forever Us Together." Don is most known for winning the inaugural season of Scared Famous and appearing on the 20th season of American Top Model. The pair, on the other hand, seemed to be content and having a good time. Both of them continue to share images on their social media accounts.

Liane V's Social Media

Liane V's Instagram account, @lianev, has 4.6 million followers. Her channel, @LianeV, has 438k subscribers on YouTube. @LianeV is her Twitter handle, and she has 151. k followers. Liana V also has an 11.5 million-follower TikTok account, @LianeV. She has nine credit scenes, according to her IMDb website.