19-Year-Old American TikToker Zachary Latham Murdered A Neighbor For TikTok Fame

19-Year-Old American TikToker Zachary Latham Murdered A Neighbor For TikTok Fame

Have you ever wanted to be famous on TikTok so much that you'd give your life to get it? After an argument with his neighbors, Zachary Latham, 19, was charged with the murder of William Durham, 51.

Zachary Latham, a young American TikToker from New Jersey, was recently arrested on suspicion of stabbing and murdering his next-door neighbor. Latham was first detained as a suspect, but he eventually confessed to the claims.

The most recent claim, according to which Latham killed his neighbor merely to become well-known and purchase public attention, has startled and shocked many people. As a result, we can also say that he used to make TikTok movies solely to become well-known or go viral on the internet.

Many social media users have compared this occurrence to the most recent photo-taking incident in Texas. Several of them have also made the distinction between it and Payton Gendron's snapping images ahead of Texas.

Who Is Zachary Latham?

A Neighbor Was Murdered For TikTok Fame, And He Was Sentenced To Prison Zachary Latham, a Tik Tok huge star from New Jersey, is 18 years old and was born in the United States. 

He was just apprehended by authorities on suspicion of injuring and killing his neighbor. He was first held as a suspect, but he eventually admitted to the allegations.

Manslaughter, violent assault, and firearms charges have been filed against Zachary Latham. The attorneys for the Durhams are arguing that the indictments against the family should be dropped and that the court should charge the TikToker, his companion, and two others who took part in the fight with first-degree murder.

Zachary Latham is accused of stabbing his neighbor to death. Furthermore, Latham was released from prison in May and may face charges later this year (2022). In a letter to the Durham attorneys, the prosecutor, Jennifer Webb-McRae, stated that the charges against the family would not be settled.

Zachary’s Wife Was Also Involved

Zachary Latham's partner is Sarah Latham. She rose to fame in the media after being related to the case of Zachary. Sarah took notes throughout the fatal altercation between Latham and his next-door neighbor.

Later, it was found that she had videotaped the incident in the hopes of gaining celebrity by uploading the video to TikToalright. The Durham family claims that their son drew them to Latham's house before the incident, allowing Latham to launch a social media attack. Alternatively, Latham claims that the murder was committed in self-defense.

Zachary Action Explained

As previously said, Zachary Latham is a TikTok user who killed his neighbor and recorded the act in order to become famous. On May 4, 2020, he stabbed William Durham Sr., an experienced prison officer. It happened after a fight that started near the victim's house and ended at Latham's storage.

19-Year-Old American TikToker Zachary Latham Murdered A Neighbor For TikTok Fame
William Durham Sr. who was stabbed by Zachary Latham. 

Zachary Latham is said to have slain a well-known neighbor. It's also been stated that Latham has been harassing Durham's partner for weeks after attempting to run down one of the Durhams' sons with his automobile as their son was riding along the highway. This resulted in a verbal spat. And as Latham drove home, the Durhams pursued him, illuminating the terrible battle.

When the Durhams arrived, the TikToker admitted walking into his kitchen and armed himself with a cutter and stun pistol. He first swung the knife at Durham's son, William Jr., but he missed. When Latham's father approached, he was stabbed in the arm with the knife.

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