Are BL Actors Homophobic? Facts On BL Actors Who Are Actually Homophobic In Real Life

Are BL Actors Homophobic? Facts On BL Actors Who Are Actually Homophobic In Real Life

I started watching BL about a year ago and adored every single performer in this video. I still like a handful of them, but I don't agree with their behavior. I'm also not as interested in their personal lives as I once was.

Itthipat Thanit Known As God 

He is most known for his role as Pana in the BL series Two Moons. He allegedly took the role solely for the purpose of becoming famous. He gagged and wiped his lips after his kiss scene with his series partner, and he gave a strange, disgusting grimace.

He also had the kissing scenes cut out because he didn't like them. Why take on a gay role if you're not interested in having intimate scenes with a boy?

Ultimately, he was only there for fame and not to represent boy love in any way. He refused to reprise his role for the second season, which may have contributed to the second season's cast change. The series was supposed to have three parts, but the lead actor had no intention of doing more than one.

Why choose a three-part series that will be difficult for every one you leave behind if you're going to use BL as a stepping stone?
I was heartbroken since Two Moons were the first Thai Bl I ever watched, and I recall being really intrigued and watching it in one day.

God should never have taken the role in the first place if he didn't feel comfortable acting in a boy-love series. He looked awkward when he had to flirt or "skin-ship" with his co-star, and it was clear that he was embarrassed to play a gay character.

Tanapon Sukumpantanasan Known As Perth

I wouldn't call Perth homophobic, but I placed him on this list because of how he and the rest of the group from Love by Chance treated Earth, a fellow actor who is out and proudly gay. They mocked Earth, making openly homophobic jokes about him, invalidating him, and outright bullying him.
In November 2020, there was even a trending hashtag that proclaimed #protectcooheart.

How can you abuse him because he's homosexual when you're in a gay series yourself?

"if you make earth drool it means you are sexy" the actor stated in one of their interview videos, which seemed quite insulting and offensive. Just because a person is gay doesn't mean he finds every male on the planet appealing.

In the same video, Earth was speaking when Mean hurled a balloon at him. Earth, on the other hand, shrugged it off and continued talking, but they literally didn't pay attention, making it appear as if anything he was saying was irrelevant and unimportant.

Later in the same video, Mean claims that filming with the entire cast felt like he was in an all-boys school or gang most of the time, but then he looks at Earth and adjusts his sentence to say it's not an all-boys school, but rather a gang of buddies.

Is this to say that they don't regard Earth as a man since he's gay? They make it appear as if being homosexual immediately made Earth feminine, which is unfortunate because being gay does not imply that you are no longer a male.

There was no need for him to change his mind after seeing Earth, and it was completely unnecessary.

In another footage, the casts were shown jumping on Earth's bed and trashing his bags. They may appear to be having fun, but Earth appeared to be on the verge of crying as he repeatedly yelled at them to stop.

To be honest, watching this was really distressing, despite the fact that it appeared to be a minor incident. It was clear that they were all quietly bullying him.

I won't say Perth is homophobic, but I believe the fact that he remained silent while jokes were made, and even made some comments himself, as well as being involved in their denigrating Earth because of his sexuality.

Phiravich Attachitsataporn Known As Mean

Phiravich Attachitsataporn is most known for his role as Tin in Love by Chance, a BL series. He announced that he would no longer be taking on any BL parts, which was disrespectful because he made it sound as though BL was only a stepping stone for him.

The fact he actively acted in BL series such as Love Sick and Water Boy but didn't quite get the popularity he desired, so he continued to take on BL roles until he ultimately came to stardom after starring in love by chance, and then he doesn't need BL anymore.

He's gained the recognition he desired as a result of it. He made it appear as if he only wanted a BL role to launch his career, and that now that he has it, he no longer requires it. He may not have had any other key roles, but the fact that he had to publicly reveal it in order to distance himself from it was a big fat no-no.

As a result, he appears to have only done large roles for the sake of fame, and he dislikes them. He was someone I enjoyed watching when I discovered all of this. Although I was disappointed, I was not shocked.

People became even more enraged when he declared in an interview that he would consider playing in another BL when he was old, washed up, and broke.  That means he was only interested in making money.

He stated, "I'm not going to do BL anymore until I'm old and need money."

Maybe it was a joke, and some misread the humor, but his statement upset a lot of individuals and gave the impression that BL roles are only needed for the money. And whether it was deliberate or not, the reality remains that he caused harm to others.

Archen Aydin Known As Joong

Archen Aydin portrayed Ming in the BL series 2Moons2. In response to a fan's question about his sexuality, he said in Turkish, "I am a man in real life."

Are BL Actors Homophobic? Facts On BL Actors Who Are Actually Homophobic In Real Life

Many fans found this disrespectful since it implies that gay men aren't real men. He retaliated against fans who chastised him for his choice of words, subsequently apologizing.

I used to assume that an actor was open-minded because he played a gay character, but to be honest, most actors aren't as open-minded as we assume.

Perawat Sangpotirat Known As Krist

Krist is well known for playing Arthit in the BL series Sotus and Sotus S. Everything began when he was unable to appropriately manage so-called gay rumors.

This is not an appropriate response. This was a man's way of letting out how uncomfortable he was with his queer identity.
If you want to see how non-homophobic people react to such rumors, you may see that it is feasible to handle such rumors without becoming an a**hole.

He called a fan a stupid idiot or stupid b***h for thinking Gun and him were dating.

On his Instagram story, he was questioned if he was gay, to which he replied "absolutely not" with multiple angry emojis. I didn't understand why he was becoming so dramatic over such a simple inquiry.

Are BL Actors Homophobic? Facts On BL Actors Who Are Actually Homophobic In Real Life

He could have just responded "no" or "I'm not," but he felt compelled to emphasize that he wasn't gay, as if being gay was a sin or a disgusting thing to be.

He was asked in an interview how he felt seeing sizzling boy love scenes in the series "Friend Zone," and he replied that that is not something that guys would want to watch, so he skips to the straight couples. 
That's downright homophobic.

I'm not sure why he doesn't see the pain his words and attitude are causing and where they're coming from, but I'm feeling toxic. His overall responses to questions regarding his sexuality demonstrate that being gay is a horrible thing in his books and that gay individuals in the BL series are only things girls like, but not men like him.

At the very least, performers like him should be careful of what they say, consider how they might be homophobic, and attempt to understand the characters they're playing, not just for the money, but also to demonstrate that being gay isn't a horrible thing.

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