Learning About Brad Mondo's Family! The Hairstylist is Influenced by his Late Father

Learning About Brad Mondo's Family! The Hairstylist is Influenced by his Late Father

Brad Mondo is a New York-based hairstylist, social media personality, and entrepreneur. He is more prominent on his YouTube channel where he shares content with more than 7.2 million subscribers.

Brad Mondo's Bio, Family

Brad Mondo was born Brad Gesimondo on October 28, 1994, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. 

He was born to his hairstylist father Franklin and school teacher mother. 

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His parents raised him and his brother, Eric, in Franklin, Massachusetts. 

His father passed away on April 22, 2021, after living with Parkinson's for several years. Brad let everyone in on this unfortunate news on his Instagram

“He influenced my life greatly...I’ll never forget the day I walked into his office at the salon he owned and told him I would one day, when I’m older, move to NYC and create my own haircare line.”

He further talked about how his father would watch his videos on YouTube and that he never lacked a strong opinion when it came to the hair he was styling.

“I’m so happy he got to see that his craziest son was able to achieve all he promised he would.”

“Throughout this entire experience seeing my dad pass, I am reminded to live my extra life. Cause you only have one life and you have no idea how short it really is until it’s over.”

Brad’s Career 

Brad, as he mentioned, took heavy influence from his father being a hairstylist. He would be at his dad’s salon all the time, playing around with the mannequin heads. 

He would go through old hairstyling books and replicate them in his own way. That interest led him to start a YouTube channel of his own. Brad initially used the YouTube platform by uploading reaction videos. 

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Gradually, he started expanding his content by giving out hair care tips and displaying hairdressing skills. 

Soon enough, his skills reached the ears and eyes of several celebrities. His clients include supermodel Heather Marks, actor Shay Mitchell, and pop singer Vanessa Hudgens. 

Brad Mondo was Bullied for his Sexuality

Although Brad knew that he was gay at a very young age, he was not ready to embrace it fully. That led to his claim of being bisexual and started dating a girl.

It was during his high school years when Brad was getting comfortable about opening up about his sexuality. So, he came out to his friends during that time. 

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However, things turned bad when a guy Brad liked outed him to the whole school. This incident brought several criticisms and bullies in school. 

“I know how it feels to be bullied and especially online when you can’t even really talk back, and I never want to make somebody feel like I’m bullying them.”

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