The relationship between Dave and Natasha was frustrating to the "Below Deck Med" crew: It was highly affecting, Recalls Courtney Veale

The relationship between Dave and Natasha was frustrating to the "Below Deck Med" crew: It was highly affecting, Recalls Courtney Veale

Deckhand Courtney Veale recently remarked that the Below Deck Mediterranean staff found the hot-and-cold romance between chief stew Natasha Webb and chef Dave White to be fairly annoying because it affected service.

Courtney Veale, who came a few charters into the season, remarked that White and Webb appeared to be cozy in the galley one moment while not speaking the next. She chuckled in an interview, “The whole Tash and Dave thing, I was just as confused as everyone.”

Natasha and Dave's sporadic romance had an impact on service.

She noted Webb and White's relationship saying that,

“When I first came on they kind of gave me the lowdown of everything that was happening.” “But literally, I’d just be like what is going on in there?”

She remembered, “Like not speaking and service is being s***.” “Not the people in service. But I mean the whole thing of service was kind of messed up because they’re not speaking. Then a few hours later or the next day, Tash would have Dave like feed her some food and it was like … What?”

A recent service blunder included a misunderstanding during the wine pairing night. While White anticipated a buffet-style service, Webb preferred to match certain wines with specific meals. She wasn't really speaking to White at the time, so she didn't tell him all of this until the very last moment. As a result, the dinner's serving was disorganized.

The "Below Deck Med" crew is facing new issues

The entire Below Deck Med staff felt the effects of watching White and Webb dance around one another. Veale added that nobody was pleased about it. Veale said,

“Honestly, I couldn’t deal sometimes because it was affecting a lot of stuff at one point.” “And it was kind of hard for me to watch. Because I did click quite well with Dave. And I think the only times me and Dave ever really clashed is when he was trying to stick up for Tash.”

When Captain Sandy Yawn criticizes Webb for laziness, the midseason trailer alludes to inside issues. Yawn is heard saying to Webb, "You have get organized up there."  Webb is being distracted by more than just White, according to previews. Also troubling is her association with stew Kyle Viljoen.

The boatmance, according to Veale, seemed strange.  She alluded to the angry and hostile texts White wrote to Webb after she ghosted him on a crew night out.

“Like just weird little things. Because obviously, you could see that Dave had very strong feelings and obviously we didn’t know about any of the past stuff when we were on," she claimed.

Veale continued, “To be honest, I think we were all actually more confused at the time than everyone watching now.” “Everyone has a lot more information than what we had.”

The cast of "Below Deck Med" was unaware of Dave and Natasha's day-to-day characteristics

According to Veale, the Below Deck Med team was never sure if Webb and White would get along or not. She explained said,

“Everyone didn’t know if they would be friends this day or not.” “Yeah, it wasn’t great. I mean, I like them both. But I like them both separately. Obviously, I don’t think they’re matched. And I do think things could have definitely been handled better.”

But she acknowledged that from a distance, it is simple to make judgments. She remarked,

“Sometimes you get involved in things on boats and those just go a million miles per hour, and then suddenly you’re in this kind of a mess.” “So, I’m not judging because we’ve all been there.”

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