Food Network's Duff Goldman is a Dad Now!

Food Network's Duff Goldman is a Dad Now!

Duff Goldman and his wife, Johnna, have a little new addition to their family!

The couple welcomed their baby girl, Josephine Frances Goldman, on Sunday. The newborn weighed in at 8 lbs., 2oz., and measured at 21 inches long. 

The Food Network star announced the news on his Instagram as he wrote, “I have no words to describe this blessing. @johnnapgoldman and I made a baby! Her name is Josephine and she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in the whole world.”


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The caption continued, “Some friends have told me that the love I’ll experience when looking at my daughter will be different than anything I’ve ever experienced and they were totally right. My muffin was amazing and I am in awe of how strong and natural and intuitive she is. She’s a natural mom no doubt. We made a family! I have a whole little family.”

Duff then went on to talk about how he was already telling his little bundle of joy about the “wonderful things” she would get to try “like pizza and candy and swimming and concerts and riding a bike.”

“She already loves music. Her first song was “I’ll Fly Away” by Allison Krauss. She also likes James Brown, Led Zeppelin, and the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra so we’ll see where her musical tastes go.”

“I’m so in love I can’t stand it. I have the two best ladies in the whole world.”

Johnna also shared pictures of their baby on Instagram, on Monday, and wrote the newborn’s full name and measurements in the caption.

Duff and Johnna revealed the news of their pregnancy back in August, as they shared a picture of themselves holding a tiny muffin over Johnna’s stomach.

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