Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska Shares Adorable Picture Of Her New Baby with Husband

Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska Shares Adorable Picture Of Her New Baby with Husband

Teen Mom’s Chelsea Houska shared an adorable picture of her newborn daughter, Walker June, with her husband, Cole DeBoer.

“What a life we have built @coledeboer,” she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, January 27, with Cole commenting, “Beyond Grateful!!”

Earlier in January, Chelsea had revealed on the Teen Mom 2 reunion that her due date wasn’t until February 16, but baby Walker was in a bit of a rush to arrive.

Before her departure from Teen Mom 2 to attend to other adventures, Chelsea opened up about growing family. While she was explaining to E! News, the co-founder of Aubree Says revealed that this pregnancy was definitely different from her previous ones.

I thought I was a pro. I thought, ‘Ok, I’ve had a boy and two girls. I know what this will be like’ but this one has been different. I’m definitely more sick. I have acne. I’ve never had that before during my pregnancy. This one is definitely throwing me for a loop.” - Chelsea Houska on E! News

On the brighter side, Chelsea had more positiveness to focus on, with her supporting family at home.

“My family is so fun and funny. I love being around them. I just enjoy having the family, living in the country and being able to go outside and have space. I’m definitely taking more moments to just really soak it in and be appreciative of family and everything we have.” 

Chelsea and welcomed her fourth baby on January 25, 2021. She announced the arrival of her daughter on Instagram as she wrote, “She decided she wanted to share a birthday with her big brother, Watson, and surprised us by coming last night.”

Chelsea and her husband have 3 more kids besides Walker. They got married in October 2016.

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