Everything About Carlacia Grant! Playing Cleo in Netflix's "Outer Banks"

Everything About Carlacia Grant! Playing Cleo in Netflix's "Outer Banks"

Netflix is back with the second season of “Outer Banks” and has brought in some new cast members. 

The teen drama is set in a coastal town and the outer banks of North Caroline, showcasing a stark difference between the wealthy residents (nicknamed “Kooks”) and the working-class people (nicknamed “Pogues”).

Among the new faces of season 2 is the talented Carlacia Grant. Let’s get to know the actor a bit more through this article.

Carlacia Grant Bio

Carlacia Grant was born on January 18, 1991, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. She was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut.

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She is a mix of Haitian and Jamaican when it comes to her ethnicity as her father is Jamaican and her mother is Haitian.

Her Career

Carlacia played her first-ever acting role at the age of 13, during summer camp - she played as Robert Louis Stevenson in ‘Treasure Island.’ 

Later, her family moved to Florida, where Carlacia attended several commercial castings in Miami, as she was sure in her preteen years that acting was what she wanted to do.

After that, she tried attending college but soon dropped out to move to New York City in search of more acting gigs.

However, after learning that Manhattan introduced more Broadway actors than Hollywood, Carlacia went to Atlanta, then to New Orleans, and finally Los Angeles.

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Today, Carlacia’s acting credits include series like “Roots” (2016), “Game of Silence” (2016), “Bae Night” (2016), “Greenleaf” (2016-2017), “Headlines” (2019), “The Resident” (2021), and “Outer Banks” (2021).

Carlacia Grant in Outer Banks 

Carlacia is playing the role of Cleo in “Outer Banks.” Cleo is an employee on the ship that rescues John B and Sarah.

An interesting thing to note is that the casting directors almost skipped Carlacia. Her audition tape was unanswered for months before her agent convinced the crew that she was the perfect fit. 

She was then flown to South Carolina following COVID-19 protocols, remaining in her hotel room for 72 hours.

The first time Carlacia met the cast was over Zoom chemistry read where the synergy of the whole team was perfect.

Her character, Cleo, was named after Queen Cleopatra. After the discovery, Carlacia was quick to study some Egyptian history.

Talking about her character with Elle, the actor said, “She’s smarter, faster, better than everyone else, but she’s smart enough to not show it.”

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Carlacia made sure not to miss out on any fun during the shooting. When she flew to Barbados to film the scenes in the Bahamas, the actor had “so much fun that it was a challenge to maintain Cleo’s cool, practiced calm.” 

She talked about the water being warm and the beaches being astoundingly white. During her action scenes, Carlacia got to “sprint, waggle her knife, and dive headfirst into the ocean.”

As much as she was having fun during the set, Carlacia was also mindful of giving it her all to the role of Cleo. She felt like she had to give the most genuine nature to Cleo, who was orphaned at around 10. 

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