Who is Renata Ri? Why She Was Kicked Out From Hype House?

Who is Renata Ri? Why She Was Kicked Out From Hype House?

Renata Ri whose full name is Renata Valliulina is a Tiktok and Instagram star from the United States. Her pleasant attitude and lipsync videos have made her renowned. Her Instagram account has more than a million followers.

Renata's TikTok handle is @riwww as well. Renata began her social media career with zeal and enthusiasm. Her charms and lipsync videos gained her a lot of attention. Renata has had a lot of social media success.

She began using Tiktok and quickly rose to fame, eventually becoming a Tiktok celebrity. Ri's TikTok video was released several years ago, and she has now established herself as a social media influencer.

Renata Ri, the TikTok sensation, was recently removed from the Hype House creative group. The fact that Ri was not included in the latest list perplexed fans of the TikTok inventor. They flocked to her most recent video, expressing their displeasure with her omission from the new lineup.

Ri confirmed that she had been "kicked out" of the show in response to the remark, but she didn't elaborate.

Renata Ri relocated from Russia to Los Angeles in order to grow her following on the app, and she joined the Hype House cast in December 2021.

Why Renata Was Kicked Out From Hype House?

Renata Ri allegedly got into a fight with Tabitha Swatosh, one of the Hype Houses' newest members, prompting the manager to kick her out.

Who is Renata Ri? Why She Was Kicked Out From Hype House?

When the news was released, however, few admirers were astonished. One commenter said,

"She definitely deserved it but I wanna know if there was a reason bc Thomas didn't seem to care about her being problematic so.

"She was introduced as a new member idk why she participated so little tho," another wrote, while a further comment read, "I was wondering why we never saw her in any content."

'Hype House 3.0'

In the midst of the Ri "kick out" drama, Hype House's official Instagram account uploaded a series of photos of the group's current members. And, to no one's surprise, the social media sensation was absent from the photographs.

Petrou, Mia Hayward, Vinnie Hacker, Jack Wright, and Jake Hayward were shown in the photos, as well as newcomers Swatosh, Sam Dezz, and Brooke Monk.

"Hype House 3.0," the caption stated, hinting that the members were looking forward to a fresh start.

Tabitha Swatosh Is A Popular TikTok Creator

On February 2, 2022, Tabitha Swatosh, a well-known TikTok star, was introduced as the newest member of the collaborative content creation group.

The Hype House's Instagram account shared a photo of the Hype House founder, Hayward, and Wright holding the social media star.

Swatosh also informed her Instagram fans of the exciting news. "I joined @thehypehousela," she captioned photos she shared with existing members.


A post shared by @tabithaswatosh

While some fans are saddened by Ri's departure, others are delighted to welcome new members into the house.

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