Who Is Paige Taylor & How Old Is She? TikTok, Hype House, Net Worth

Who Is Paige Taylor & How Old Is She? TikTok, Hype House, Net Worth

Getting famous and building massive platforms on social media isn't as easy as it appears, but as long as you have the talent and unwavering belief in yourself, it won't be too difficult. Paige Taylor is another one of those who rose to prominence as a result of her dancing videos, as dancing is her strong suit.

Paige Taylor specializes in short-form dance and lip-syncs videos. Her admirers are overjoyed that the social media sensation has lately joined The Hype House as a new cast member. Her rise to stardom has piqued interest in her personal life.

Paige Taylor's wiki, bio, boyfriend, height, weight, age, and when she joined the Hype House are all included in this article.

Who Is Paige Taylor?

Paige Taylor was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 26, 2004. Paige has Caucasian ancestry. Her parents have made appearances on her social media pages. 

However, details about her parents, such as their names and occupations, remain unknown. Andrew is her younger brother's name. However, we do not have any other information about him.


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Paige has always loved dancing and modeling since she was a child. Her childhood was wonderful, thanks to her parents' constant care and devotion. They were consistently providing her with whatever she needed to fulfill her goals. In plain terms, she had a childhood that unquestionably aided her in making the accomplishments she is currently making.

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Given her age, it's safe to assume she's still in high school. She has, however, made no indication of where she is currently enrolled.

Paige Taylor Joined The Hype House

Paige Taylor has joined the Hype House in Los Angeles as the newest member. Hype House, a dancer/TikTok celebrity, and Thomas Petrou, the company's founder, announced the announcement on their official Instagram accounts on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

Taylor shared a series of photos with fellow Hype House members on Instagram. She was accompanied in the first photo by Thomas Petrou, his girlfriend Mia Hayward, and Tabitha Swatosh, who joined in February.


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Several Instagram users who commented on Taylor and Hype House's post said they already knew Taylor would join the Hype House. “I knew you were following her; it was easy, lol,” one commented.

Taylor's video on her TikTok handle, which was posted four days earlier on May 11, 2022, was one of the reasons why many already anticipated she would be entering the Hype House.

In front of a large sign that read "Hype," the dancer was spotted executing some moves. When Taylor was introduced as Hype House's newest member, the identical symbol appeared again, and photos with the existing members were shot in front of the sign.

As a result, several speculated that she would soon join the Hype House. Taylor appears to be enjoying her new company, as evidenced by her TikTok account, where she has already uploaded a couple of videos with the Hype House members.

Taylor was also greeted with a video from the official TikTok account. Petrou, Hayward, and Swatosh were first shown dancing to Lizzo's 'About Damn Time,' before Taylor appeared in the video and joined them on the dance floor.

Is Paige Taylor Dating?

Paige is one of the most prominent TikTok stars, with over 895,000 followers thanks to her TikTok videos, which primarily feature her dancing.

Because she is such a well-known social media personality, her fans are bound to be curious about her relationship. However, the bad news for her fans is that she has kept her love life a secret.

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She hasn't made any online indicators or suggestions regarding her relationship. However, based on her social media profiles, she appears to be single at the time, as she has not uploaded any images of herself with a male who she introduces as her boyfriend.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Paige is a social media sensation on the rise. Her social media accounts have amassed a sizable following. Her TikTok and Instagram sponsorships are her primary sources of income.

Her TikTok and Instagram profiles have a high rate of engagement, which earns her a lot of money.

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Her exact net worth is unknown, however based on her rising fame, sponsorships, and recent engagement in the Hype House, she is thought to be worth more than $100,000.

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