Who Is A YouTuber & Comedian Aba Atlas? Religion, YouTube, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Who Is A YouTuber & Comedian Aba Atlas? Religion, YouTube, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Aba Atlas is an African- Canadian YouTuber, comedian, and commentator who uses his wisdom to influence people through several social media platforms. 

He is one-half of the Aba & Preach YouTube channel which has 1.48M subscribers. He gained wide recognition for his YouTube video Dear Mother. 

In this article, learn about Aba’s wiki, age, family, career, social media, and relationship. 

All Facts On Aba Atlas

  • Aba Atlas was born on 30th April 1990 in Ottawa, Canada 
  • His parents moved from Ethiopia to Canada but neither of their identities has been revealed. However, he has given some details about his parents. His mother came to Canada from Eritrea more than 26 years ago and worked as a hotel housekeeper to raise 5 children. 
  • As per his father, he died at the age of 56. 
  • Back to Aba, he stands at the height of 6 feet, weighing 78 kgs. As for his distinct features, he has Afro-curls which he has cut short, and has gapped front teeth. 
  • Talking about his social media reach, he has a combined Instagram account under username @abanpreach which has 110K followers. Meanwhile, on his Twitter account, he has garnered 7.19K followers. 
  • Moving towards his career, Aba Atlas was in the military before he became a YouTuber. He stayed estranged from his family only to reconnect with them two and a half years later. 

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  • While he was in the military, he saved up a bit by living frugally. On his 23rd birthday, he paid off his mother’s mortgage from his saving. 
  • In 2015, he decided to make a career in arts and soon took his shot to establish a career as a comedian. He won a competition named Prove You’re a Comic and also performed at several festivals like Just For Laughs. 
  • Soon he teamed up with Erich Preach and the duo made videos on a diverse range of topics. 
  • Over time, they were given a celebrity status after their popularity escalated. Some of the most-watched videos on their channel are Being Ugly, Delicious Tears, Black ppl cant be rac----, Men’s rights vs feminism reaction and a White guy goes to a Black barber for the first time. 
  • In addition, Aba has also starred as an actor in 2018 starring in The Detectives as a Pizza Manager. 
  • In August 2021, Aba and Preach got into a public spat with fellow YouTuber Fresh and Fit after they reacted to their video about prostitution. Fresh and Fit made a nasty comment about Preach’s wife and Preach also accepted their challenge to a boxing match. However, Fresh and Fit issued an apology for engaging in a pointless beef. 
  • Aba was indulged in drugs and alcohol during his teenage years. After he lost his father, he let go of his old habits. 
  • He has made a net worth of $600K. 

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  • Talking about his relationship, Aba was in a relationship. However, he cheated on her (he was 19 and she was 27). While he was in the military he was stationed in his girlfriend’s city and met her randomly and started dating. 
  • Aba opened up about cheating on her and said he cheated because of his selfishness, responsibility, and he was young. 
  • Due to his young age, he wanted to get laid and did it all behind her back. After she found out about it, they stopped contacting and seeing each other. 
  • As of now, Aba is single and suggested he is not dating anyone casually as it hurts people in the end. 
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