Who is Erich Preach? Get To Know His Age, Wiki, Wife, YouTube, & Net Worth

Who is Erich Preach? Get To Know His Age, Wiki, Wife, YouTube, & Net Worth

Erich Preach is a Canadian YouTuber, actor, comedian, and podcast host. He and Aba Atlas formed a team and created satirical videos on modern culture on their youtube channel Aba and Preach. 

Their YouTube channel is mainly focused on reaction videos on culture, civilizations, social issues, and taboos. 

Recently, Erich Preach and Aba got into an argument with fellow YouTuber Fresh and Fit. They made jokes about Erich’s wife and referred to her as “beluga whale.” 

They also challenged Preach to a boxing match. He decided to participate in the boxing match and said, 

“It sort of happens that I am in the US next week. You want to f**ing do this sh*t, let’s go. Both of you. I will be in the US next f**ing week. Not only this. You talk sh*t about my wife and you talk sh*t about my country. You saying you are about to send me on a boat to my country. Cool, next week, I will be in the States, I will drop by your studio.”

However, Fresh and Fit issued an apology for engaging in a pointless beef. 

“WE APOLOGIZE TO OUR SUPPORTERS. From this point forward we are NOT going to engage in beef. We are here to help you guys navigate Women, Fitness, and Finances, NOT DRAMA. We are going to KEEP GIVING YOU GUYS THE CONTENT YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR.

“We apologize for deviating, but we are back on track. Men already get attacked enough in space, and we are not going to contribute to it. Best of luck to A&P in their future endeavors.”

However, Preach and Aba seems unhappy about Fresh and Fit apology and called out them in another video claiming they had started the drama for attention. At the time of writing, Fresh and Fit have not made any comment to the latest post.

Who Is Erich Preach?

  • Erich has not shared any precise details on his birthday or birth year. However, it is known that he embraces Haitian-Canadian ethnicity. 
  • Moreover, he has also kept his parent’s detail shrouded in mystery. However, he often tweets about his parents and he even called a Facebook user Vero Hibiscus his mother. In addition, he cussed his father on Twitter for not having a Facebook while wishing him a happy father’s day. 
  • Back to Erich, he stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters), weighing 104 kgs. 
  • Getting to know about his professional career, he initially started as a dancer. He competed in Juste Debout Canada in 2012. Mike Ward inspired Erich to try a shot at acting after he discovered him in Brothel Come die Club. 

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  • However, his career only blew up after he collaborated with Aba Atlas. They founded several branded events as Le Aba & Preach & Friends. 
  • Furthermore, Erich Preach has his own titled @lesfallopes podcast. At the time of writing, he has made a net worth of $350K. 
  • Talking about his partner, his girlfriend-turned-wife made the news after he got into a public spat with fellow YouTuber Fresh and Fit. Erich mentioned that his wife is a shy person and does not like media attention. Respecting his wife’s decision, he has kept his married life private.
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