Everything You Need To Know About HeyImBee

Everything You Need To Know About HeyImBee

Bianca, also known as HeyimBee (or simply Bee), is an Australian YouTuber who is best known for her VRChat and other gaming videos. She made a Draw my Life in 2015, in which she revealed her name, relationship status, and age. In March 2019, that video, along with all of her previous Minecraft videos, was deleted.

HeyImBee's YouTube channel has more than 3 million subscribers. Due to her expanding prominence, the intimate elements of her life have become a topic of public curiosity.

Height & Age


HeyImbee was born on the 22nd of September in the year 1993. Her family had given her the nickname when she was a child. Bee, contrary to her name, is allergic to bees. Moths, seaweed, and bees are among her greatest concerns. Her favorite color is blue, and she is known for her black and yellow stripes, as well as her green eyes. She has a height of 5feet and 8inches.

She was born in Australia and reared by her parents, according to sources. She has kept a low profile when it comes to her family. She has a younger brother who is two years her senior. Bee is a bubbly personality that is always happy in her videos. She's also semi-clean, swearing now and then.



HeyImbee began her career on the social platform because she was interested in the gaming industry. According to the source, she also has good knowledge of computer applications, and as a result, she became the famous personality she desired. She primarily made Minecraft videos, but after playing VR chat because it received more views than Minecraft, she began to receive more views through VR chat videos. She's also a member of the Cube.

HeyImbee’s YouTube account was launched in 2009. She has amassed quite a reputation and fortune over the years.



Bee's channel used to be primarily dedicated to Minecraft, but she chose to abandon the game after seeing a large number of views she received via VR Chat. She preferred to make one-off Minecraft videos rather than many episodes.

Her videos include Omegle, iPhone Apps games, the computer games Akinator, Mail Time with Straub, and blogs, but she also does other videos such as Omegle, iPhone Apps games, the computer games Akinator, Mail Time with Straub, and blogs.

She was a member of the Cube and has recorded with a variety of artists, including various Cube members. She collaborates with a wide range of people, including members of the Cube.

Bee considers herself a PVPer, and she has won UHCs in the past. Bee also streams Minecraft on her Twitch. Bee co-owner BuzzMC.net, which was her official Skyblock server.

The Cube


Bee is a member of The Cube, a Minecraft SMP server that is whitelisted. She was a part of Season 1 of The Cube until she abruptly stopped posting after episode 22. She was welcomed back with wide arms for Season 2, and she has no plans to leave this time. She and her accomplice in crime, King Straub (also known as Straub), were chosen Queen Bees in Season 2!

Even though she and her companion, Straub, are the Queens of the Cube. She works as a flight attendant at the airport, owns the Beekery and BSPCA (AKA Vet), owns the Cube cinema, and is a nurse at the Cube Hospital, among other things.

Season 3 of the cube divides the server into two teams, the Northside and the Southside. The teams are at odds with each other. Bee is the Northside's leader, whereas Straub is the Southside's. Straub and Bee were vying for the server's leadership (Bee and Straub are still good friends, they even live in the same house).

Bee has since abandoned Northside and founded her side, the East. Northside was still as strong as ever, even though its commander had left. Northside lacked a replacement for Bee and had yet to elect a new leader. Northside and Southside both tried to get Strawburry17Plays to join them, so it wasn't likely to happen for a time. Bee also manages a rare head black market.

The Sims


Bee enjoys playing The Sims. She claimed to have completed all of the Sims games. She finished a Sims 3 Playthrough on her channel, and as of October 2014, she is now working on a Sims 4 Let's Play. She even built a Sims series in Minecraft, which she has already finished. The Bumble Family, established by the characters Gingy Bingy and Bee, is her present family.

Bee had three long pauses from YouTube, the first in the second half of 2013 and the second between February and July of 2014. She has promised that she will not take any further breaks.

Social media handle of Bee

With 756k followers on Instagram, @heyimbee, Heyimbee is an extremely active user. While her YouTube channel, @heyimBee, has 3.09 million subscribers, it is the platform that has garnered her a lot of attention. She even has a Twitter account @heyimbee with 443.4k followers.