How Old Is Jack Manifold? He Addresses Cancer Rumor

How Old Is Jack Manifold? He Addresses Cancer Rumor

Under his previous username Thunder1408 on YouTube and Twitch, the streamer known as JackManifoldTV gained popularity for his Minecraft videos.

He is also well-known for his numerous collaborations with other content creators, most of whom are best recognized for their affiliation with the well-liked streamer server Dream SMP.

Moreover, Jack’s health has always been a subject talked about by the people around him. He is always asked if he was diagnosed with cancer. Well, in one of his YouTube videos he talked about it. Let’s find out the truth in this article. 

Was Jack Manifold Diagnosed With Cancer?

Jack Manifold has never been diagnosed with cancer and has been healthy. Hopefully, in the future also it stays sound and healthy. 

Moreover, about his health, it has always been asked and searched. Well, the rumor of Jack being diagnosed with cancer surfaced after he shaved his head. People believed his hair was lost after the chemotherapy. 

In one of his YouTube videos, when he was asked about cancer, he clearly stated he was not diagnosed luckily. He further said that google queries also shows result saying he has cancer. 

Moreover, he cleared the rumors saying, it got mixed up with artwork and got mixed up with an article about some guy who was a quarterback who had cancer. 

On Reddit, one user posted saying, “I thought jack manifold had cancer from this article but it's talking about a different jack.”

How Old is Jack Manifold?

Jack Manifold, who was born on August 14, 2002, is now 19 years old. He was raised in the English neighborhood of Mansfield. He has not given much information about his parents, however, it is known that he has a brother by the name of Josh Manifold.

While addressing the cancer rumors, Jack revealed that google showed his height at 5 feet 2 inches which is untrue. Jack has a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). 

Where To Contact Jack?

Although Jack is a public figure, people should give him some personal space as well. However, people can send him positive messages on his Instagram under the username @jackmanifoldtv where he has 1.2 million followers. 

Moreover, people can also subscribe to and follow his Twitch account @JackManifoldTV. On his Twitch account, he has 1.9 followers. 

Jack is also active on Twitter where he has 1.8 million followers. His Twitter account is officially verified. 

What Is His Net Worth?

Jack makes his income from different sources like streams, videos, brand endorsements, merch, collaborations, and many more. 

At a very young age, he made a stable income for his living. However, he has not disclosed the exact amount of his net worth. 

Jack Responds To "Misogynist" Claims

Recently, Minecraft streamer Jack Manifold became embroiled in significant controversy. Regarding a debate he and content creator Mizkif had on stream, the 19-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer came under fire.

The topic of discussion was GeorgeNotFound, a well-known Minecraft broadcaster, and his younger, female audience. Users on Twitch and Reddit took the topic quite seriously, and a Jack recently addressed it.

 After Jack was highlighted in one of Mizkif's streams, the debate erupted. Mizkif was referring to the viewers of Minecraft broadcaster GeorgeNotFound, who had adolescent girls who were "obsessed" with his content on YouTube and Twitch. As a result, Mizkif questioned Jack:

“Am I wrong on this? It’s 15-year-olds, that are girls, that are obsessed with him.”

When Mizkif said that 15-year-old girls were fixated on George, Jack's "Yes" response, which effectively agreed with him, drew him into the debate.

Jack repeatedly apologized and maintained his denial of being a sexist in the Twitch stream when he addressed accusations of being one while explaining that his discussion with Mizkif was about demography.

Is Jack Dating?

Jack is seemingly single as of now. He might be more focused on his career than on a romantic relationship. Maybe in the future, his fans might get a chance to see him with someone holding hands in hands. 

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