The Ace Family Announces Plan To Leave YouTube!

The Ace Family Announces Plan To Leave YouTube!

The ACE Family, who are constantly mired in controversy and formerly had upwards of 200 million monthly views on YouTube has announced that 2022 will be their final year of consistent posting on the platform.

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz signed up for the platform in January 2016, just before the birth of their first child. Throughout the previous six years, the McBroom's have used the platform to showcase their family and success.

They've documented everything from their children's births to the parties they've hosted. However, it appears like everything is coming to an end.

The Ace Family Quitting Youtube?

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz announced in their most recent YouTube video, headlined "THE END OF THE ACE FAMILY ON YOUTUBE," that after six years of active posting, they have decided to take a break at the end of this year.

Austin explained that he and Catherine made this "very difficult" decision because they planned to spend much of next year traveling with their family and focusing on other projects.

They said, “Throughout the six years on YouTube we haven’t really had the time to reflect and enjoy and […] spend time with our family.”

The couple stated that they wanted to announce their choice early in the year to decrease the impact on their followers and to debunk any rumors that might have emerged if they had announced it later in the year.

They also said that 2022 will be their "biggest year yet," as the couple plans to tie the knot this year.

The family also intends to travel for at least half of the year to 10-20 different locations. They reasoned that they hadn't spent significant time with their family in the six years since they founded YouTube.

As a result, traveling and leaving the platform provided an opportunity to spend time with their children. In addition to traveling, the pair has significant undertakings in mind for 2023.

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They didn't want to leave the platform, Catherine remarked, and it was a difficult decision to make. However, "putting it out there" and alerting their followers ahead of time would eliminate the false narrative that they had quit.

Austin originally stated that 2022 would be their final year on YouTube, but Catherine later clarified that they would not be leaving the platform completely. She predicted that they would be less consistent in 2023.

They didn't want to go completely because they enjoyed filming. Austin agreed with his wife and said they would upload once a month or twice a month.

“ACE Family Fest”

Before The Ace Family ended the video, they're inviting 5,000 fans to what they're calling "perhaps the last ace family event."

Austin and Catherine also announced Ace Fest, a family-friendly meet-and-greet style festival billed as "Disneyland meets Coachella" that will take place in the Los Angeles area in August this year.

Tickets will go on sale on April 9 in two tiers. A silver ticket, which admits three people and provides access to free rides, activities, a "wildlife park," and entertainment, costs $299. The most expensive ticket, a "VIP gold ticket," costs $499 and includes a meet-and-greet with the McBrooms, as well as viewing of Austin's next boxing match and an "exclusive wedding present."

The McBrooms will also choose two lucky VIP ticket buyers (together with their four guests) to see Austin's fight in person, as well as two more lucky buyers (along with their guests) to attend their wedding in September.

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Fans should go to the festival's website and enter their phone numbers to get the most up-to-date information on ticket sales, according to Austin and Catherine. A total of 5,000 tickets are available, according to the pair.

Catherine said, “Every event that we have sells out in seconds, you guys know this.” 

“We’ve learned from past experiences over the years of doing multiple events, and that’s why this one’s gonna be the best one, because of the way that we structured this. We thought about this very carefully.”

Austin recently settled two claims stemming from the family's most recent event, the 2021 "Social Gloves" YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing match. He's also being sued for $200,000 by the mayor of Beverly Hills for allegedly holding an illegal fan parade on Rodeo Drive. 

Meanwhile, Catherine is facing a separate lawsuit accusing her of attempting a "coup" at a cosmetics company. The couple's $10 million mansions were recently foreclosed on and auctioned. They moved into a new mansion right away, and their video showcasing it has 4.2 million views.

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