Everything About Kwame Ferreira: Supermodel Lily Cole's Partner is an Entrepreneur

Everything About Kwame Ferreira: Supermodel Lily Cole's Partner is an Entrepreneur

Kwame Ferreira is the partner of supermodel Lily Cole. Lily Cole recently announced her queer sexuality through her newly published book, “Who Cares Wins: How to Protect the Planet You Love.”

Ever since Lily came out as queer in her book, people have been rather curious about her partner. Here’s everything you need to know about Kwame Ferreira.

Who is Kwame Ferreira? 

Kwame Ferreira was born in Angola after the civil war that tore the country apart. His parents were filming documentaries and recording the remote cultural heritage of the continent. 

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It wasn’t long before the family moved to Brazil and finally settled in the south of Portugal after some more moves. 

Kwame’s mother remarried a German man who, according to Kwame, had an “enormous impact” in his teenage years when he was getting interested in the “mechanics of the planet and how ‘things’ work.”

For his education, Kwame studied Science and Design and spent five years in a classical fine arts academy in Lisbon. After that, he studied Media Arts in Berlin and Sociable Media in Boston. 

His Career

According to his bio on LinkedIn, Kwame moved to London after academia to “better understand corporate world dynamics.”

That was when he found fjordnet.com where he contributed as a service design leader, helping the business grow through a creative stance.

“Consultancy really allowed me a global understanding of diverse businesses and their issues. Primed me to become a problem solver.”

Kwame soon left Fjord and joined The Vinyl Factory, a far cry from his original career path of the digital world. 

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When he finally decided to return to digital, Kwame established kwamecorp.com in 2011, with a group of friends, half of which were designers while the other half were engineers.

After going through a period of engagement with Intel, Samsung, and Google, and helping with their acceleration of internal innovation, kwamecorp.com turned into impossible.com.

“This is a summary, it does not mention the fact that I was one of the founders of www.enchufada.com, kinsu.co.uk, stand.health nor that I fly helicopters in my spare time or that I was a professor. But then again, I’m not looking for a job.” - Kwame on his LinkedIn profile

Kwame Ferreira’s Relationship with Lily Cole

Kwame and Lily first met in 2012, when they were working together. Lily has not pointed out the exact project but has said that the two “worked together for a long time” before they started dating.

According to The Sun, Kwame and Lily are living together in Portugal. 

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The two are parents to their daughter, Wylde Cole Ferreira. Wylde was born in September 2015 and her arrival was announced on Lily’s website. 

The supermodel wrote a poem dedicated to her then-new-born daughter, “Wylde. Born on the hottest day. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Witchcraft. Wilderness.” “Love beyond doubt. Love, a fact of life. Without fear or choice.”

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